Supro 1600 Supreme Combo

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The Supro 1600 Supreme is an all-tube tribute to one of the great guitar icons of the British Invasion. This historic, “Classic Series” combo is a replica of the Chicago-made 1×10 amplifier used extensively by the Stones throughout decades of rock and roll hits.
  • Circuit Type:All-tube Supro Circuit
  • Wattage:25 Watts Class A
  • Channels:2 Channels with Parallel Link and shared tone control
  • Tremolo:None
  • Reverb:None
  • Assembled in New York, USA
  • Preamp Tubes: 3x JJ 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: 2x JJ 6V6
  • Speakers: 1 x 10″ Supro BD10